Will You Help this 21st Century Village?

At this time there are funds available to give $1,000 scholarship awards to those eligible students who attended Martin Luther King Elementary School through 2017.

Our new goal is to create a million-dollar endowment which would allow those students, and other underserved Seattle area students, the opportunity for a full educational experience.

You can be part of the Martin Luther King School Dream Foundation Village, and make a real difference in the lives of our young people who need and deserve assistance in realizing their dreams. Here is a partial list of what your donation could mean to a student. Costs are based on Washington State public four-year and community college tuition and fees

  • $10,000 One-year tuition, books and fees for a state 4-year university
  • $3,000 One-year tuition at a state community college
  • $1,000 One quarter’s tuition at a state community college
  • $500 Books for one year at a college or university
  • $100 One credit and one book at a community college
  • $50 Computer, art or science lab fee for a quarter
  • $25 Student Activity Fee
  • Other Whatever your heart and pocketbookdictates

The costs above are approximate. If you are interested in actual tuition, fees and other costs, check appropriate resource links on the MLK Village Page.
Don’t have money but want to help? Time, talent and treasure are three ways of giving. To reach our $1,000,000 goal we will need a lot of help. Perhaps you can donate time to help with our various activities, or have special talents which will keep the village vibrant. If so contact Jan at lindsher@aol.com.We will work together to keep our dreams alive.

From MLK Village

I hope to one day follow in your foot steps and start my own scholarship foundation. In college, I worked for a local non-profit organization, and had the opportunity to do a lot of grant writing. I fell in love with philanthropy and have always had a passion for giving back. I hope you know, you are my inspiration!Katrice Barfield (2001 Award Winner)