MLK Village News 2011

Nine scholarship winners will be heading for college this fall, thanks in part to $l,000 scholarships each received at the annual Dream Foundation banquet on May 23, 2011. More than one-hundred eighty relatives, friends, former teachers, principals and school board members watched as the students took the stage to be introduced, each standing as excerpts from their application essays were shared with the audience.

2011 Scholarship Winners

This years’ Honorees were:

Cleveland: Diamond Cross and Cheyenne Wilson
Garfield: Bria Lancaster, Lanisha Scott, and Taleia Thurman
Franklin: Terae Grant, Nicholas Jackson, and Cato Savanah
Nova and Shoreline Community College: Norah Alzahem

Kahlana Barfield 2011 Speaker

The dinner, catered by the South Center Outback, was held at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Seattle. Although it was complimentary, and not billed as a fundraiser, nearly $6,000 was promised or raised to help defray dinner costs and add to the scholarship fund.

Members of the MLK community, or Village as we now call it, with respect to scholarship winners, started on their educational paths with “village money” from families, grants, loans and various awards. From 1999 to date, our scholarships, ranging from $l,000 to $3,500 have assisted the students listed below.

MLK Village NewsMLK Village News

All winners have been honored at annual banquets, held the 3rd Monday in May. The first banquet was held in a Madison Park restaurant with about thirty-five people attending, including six winners and their families. Later banquets were held at South Seattle Community College and Martin Luther King Elementary School before it closed. Since then, Mount Zion Baptist Church has been the banquet site. “Roses and Rainbows” have been part of the tradition, with families receiving a rose bush to plant in their gardens, and elementary school students coloring rainbow placemats for banquet guests. In 2009 over one-hundred twenty-five guests watched twelve students each receive $1,000 awards.

MLK News

2010 saw a circle being completed. Cecil Cross, II, a 2000 award winner, returned as the inspirational speaker for the scholarship banquet. His achievement, and the achievement of other Dream Foundation award winners, serves as testimony to our collective gifts, efforts, and beliefs regarding an investment in America’s future. The village is strong and growing!

A Former Award Winner Speaks

Past Winners and Inspirational Speakers for Scholarship Banquets from 1999-2010

I have received acceptance to the Harvard Graduate School of Education (yesterday!!) in the Teacher Education Program and look forward to embarking on this exciting path and amazing opportunity laid before me. I am grateful everyday to those who have played a part – big or small – in getting me where I am today. The MLK Dream Foundation Scholarship was a part of a necessary and strong start to unleash my potential.”
– Kareen Wilkinson (1999 award winner – Pomona College 03)


Speaker: Cecil Cross, II, Best Selling Author, Graduate of MLK and Garfield High School

Camille Brown, Delana Brown, Chelsea Coleman, Marcus Ellis-Alexander, Alexa Lagazo-Patton, Jordan Leonard,

Ebony Mosley, Darian Pelzer, Christopher Pitre, Marquis Powe, Brea Roberts, Najee Siu-Chang, Ahmen Taplin
Speaker: Snohomish County Sheriff John Lovick

Amanda Bagsby, Rashauna Dawson, Liana Diga, Roemon Fields, Jonathan Gore, Jasmine Harris, Nharissa Harris, Jemella Kennebrew, Brandon Leonard, Epiffany Phillips, Imani Siu-Chang, Chris Thavongsack
Speaker: Dr. Quinton Morris, Seattle University Director of Chamber and Instrumental Music

Violet Banks, Hilton Clemmons, Jasmine Davis, James Dixon, Kiascha Fudge, Tristan  Gayden, Charetta James, Samuel Lausiva, Brianna Marbles, Edward Pelzer, Marita Phelps, Brittney Rogers

Speaker: John Sharify, KOMO TV

Abraham Diekhans-Mears, Daryna Dixon, Deborah Spencer-Kirby, Tireion Turner, David Weatherspoon II, DeMario Worthy, Brittiany Dixon-Taylor, Christiana Freeman, Yaminah Gardner, Cierra Gaither, Dianika Harris-Dones, Alex Jackson, Duntae Jones, Adrian McDonnal, Calvin Rabiroff

MLK Village News

Speaker: Donna Marshall, 2005 Miliken National Educator Award Winner
Brandon Benning, Reseda Butler, Joel Diga, Abriana DuBose, Tracie Elliott, Anthony Fields,Matthew Herring, Wesley LaGazo-Patton, Precious Simmons, Jacquocora Turner

MLK Village News

Speaker: Arthur D. Jackson, Jr, Costco Vice President for Administration
Reseda Butler, Brittany Carter, Khaliah Davis, Venishia Dixon, Andrew Guidry, Charles Guidry III,Mitchell Huffine, Markesa Phelps, Andreya Taylor, Patrice Vinson

Speakers: Dr. Rusty Barcelo, Vice President and Vice Provost, University of Washington and Enrique Cerna, KCTS TV

Alvertis Brooks, Janelle Coleman, Michael Gartrell, Sean Jackson, Brittney Marzest, Carolyn Norman,Aaron Skinner, Lori Perry

Speaker: Dr. Charles Mitchell, Chancellor, Seattle Community Colleges

Richard “Zerin” Beverly, Andrea Black, Kenika Brown, Ebony Cross, Jameila Harris Richardson,Shaina Mitchell, Sherrill Simmons

Speakers: Ken Schram and Elyssa Jaffe, KOMO-TV

Kelly Alderson,.Cole Allen, Jonathan Cruz, Ceje Estrada, Richard Jackson, Brooke Jensen, Keestra Smith

Speaker: Norm Rice, President, Federal Home Loan Bank and Former Mayor of Seattle

Katrice Barfield, Celestine Guice, Jared Mitchell, Floyd Skinner, Anna Stanton, Jauwanna Smith,Wendell “Troy” Thompson, Natacia Vanison

MLK Village News

Speaker: Emily Langlie, KOMO TV
Mateen Abdullah, Kahlana Barfield, Kalen Canaday, Cecil Cross, Jose Valdez

Speaker: Ron Simms, King County Executive

Anne Bettesworth, Brianna Chapman, Jason Chambliss, Walter Griffin, Toron Smith, Kareen Wilkinson

MLK Village News

Other Village News

MLK Village News

  • Kareen Wilkinson (1999) was accepted into Harvard for 2010.
  • Cecil Cross (2000) just published his second book for young adults
  • Kahlana Barfield (2000) was named beauty editor for In Style magazine in 2007
  • Shaina Mitchell (2003) danced with Savion Glover on Dancing with the Stars in 2007
  • Alex Jackson (2007), winner of Apollo Star Search. Danced in Harlem’s Apollo Theater

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